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At KLG Career Services we have over 18 years combined experience in the employment marketplace and we understand the most common elements of both successful and unsuccessful interview performances.

For many of our customers the idea of an interview can create apprehension and uncertainty. This can be due to lack of experience, bad technique or even the time that has passed since their last interview. Our goal is to provide jobseekers with the necessary tools, tips and advice so that they feel confident and fully prepared for their next interview encounter.

We believe that an effective interview is best viewed as a two way conversation between two parties wanting to know more about each other. Employers not only assess individual’s potential skills and suitability for a role but their also overall team and cultural fit. Likewise candidates need to assess role suitability and the attractiveness of the opportunity offered by the potential employer as well as the broader appeal of the employer itself. We assist our customers to understand how they can positively influence the content of their interviews.

KLG Career Services we will assist you to feel composed, prepared and confident enough to approach any interview – whether it be in a one-on-one, group assessment or panel interview scenario.

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